Peace Dive Boat: Santa Cruz Island (weather permitting)

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Channel islands - Santa Cruz or Anacapa

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July 2, 2023 Departing: 6:00 am and Returning: 6:00 am

This boat trip is for certified divers only.

This trip boards at 6:00am and returns by 6:00pm on the same day.

Food and Beverages
All Peace Dive Boat trips (unless otherwise specified) include food and non-alcoholic beverages. A soda machine is provided for your convenience and also dispenses filtered water. Milk, coffee and other hot beverages are also available. Passengers are welcome to bring along their own alcoholic beverages. However, we request that you bring your own ice and cooler to store them in. For those passengers with special diets (i.e., vegetarian), please be sure to inform our Chef as soon as you board or first thing in the morning so that they can accommodate your dietary needs.

Please be sure to bring all the necessary dive gear for your trip including tanks, weights and your Certification Card, a Dive Computer is highly recommended. Required at a minimum: Wetsuit or Drysuit, BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins, booties, SMB and whistle (computer, gloves and hoods are highly recommended) 1 tank and a set of weights. In addition be sure to have all your own personal items (ie towel, sunscreen, seasickness medicine, cell phone battery packs as cell phones and other gear are not allowed to plug into the outlet systems, etc.)
NOTE: The Peace Boat does not offer nor supply any rental equipment.

In2Deep trips are specially designed for scuba diving, however, free-divers are welcome on any of our trips. All free-divers must carry a float line and a clearly visible float or flag.

Cancellation Policy
Payment in full is due at time of booking and is non refundable unless the boat is full and we resell your spot (you can also name change if you find a replacement). 
If In2Deep (or the Peace Boat) cancels the trip a full refund will be available.
All scheduled trips will run, regardless of rain or shine (you’re going to get wet anyway!). PEACE will only cancel a trip if conditions become unsafe for passengers.
Note From The Boat: that the destinations and departure times are subject to change depending decisions made by the Captain on weather and sea conditions.