Giant Stride Dive Boat - Catalina's West End! Dive site's like Disneyland, "Carrie's Secret Pinnacle" and Black Rock!

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3103 Pico Blvd.,, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 424-744-8384

Catalina Island

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January 24, 2021 Departing: 6:00 am and Returning: 4:00 pm

The Giant Stride Dive Boat is located in San Pedro and is the perfect diver's dive boat!  This trip is perfect size for 6 passengers catering to underwater photographers, technical divers and Open Water students! We board at 6:00am and depart from San Pedro and head to Catalina Island's West End with up to 3 dives and snacks and return in the late afternoon usually by 5:00pm

All dive gear including 2 tanks and a set of weights and personal items are your own responsibility and can be rented from In2Deep, but some items are limited so book and reserve early!

Don't forget your certification card, dry bag, dry towels, change of clothes, sunscreen and seasick medication and gratuities!.

Gear rentals and the 2 tanks and weights must be picked up at In2Deep the day prior and returned the day after the boat trip.

Destination include sites like Disneyland (California's drift dive), "Carrie's Secret Pinnacle" and Black Rock or Black Rock Jr. Schedules are subject to change due to weather and ocean conditions at the time of departure and final destinations are the Captain's choice.

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