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Front Side of Catalina Island

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March 15, 2023 Departs @ 6:30 pm

Let's close the season together!  At midnight, the California Lobster Season officially closes.  So grab your lobster gauges, bags and licenses and head off with us to make that final catch of the season!

Located in easy to find, San Pedro, California, The Giant Stride Dive Boat is a perfect 6 passenger dive boat that caters to photographers, technical divers and Scuba Students!  This is a night diving trip that includes up to 2 dives off the coast of Santa Catalina Island.

Boarding is at 4:30pm with a return times between 11:00pm and 2:00am.

Destinations and schedules are subject to change due to weather and ocean conditions and final decisions are at the Captain's digression.


  • Valid Scuba Certification Card
  • California Fishing License (Required)
  • California Spiny Lobster Card (Required)
  • Lobster Gauge
  • Game Bag
  • Kevlar Gloves (California law requires lobster to only be taken by hand)
  • Cooler with Ice (to transport your goodies home)
  • All Scuba Gear (rental gear available, call for pricing and availability)
  • 2 Full Scuba Tanks
  • 2 Dive Lights and a Tank Light
  • Personal Items (dry clothes, medications, etc.)
  • Transportation to and from the Boat Dock
  • Parking
  • Meals and Drinks
  • Gratuities (for both the Dive Boat and Instructor Staff)

Rental gear is available at In2Deep in Santa Monica, but some items may be limited, so book early! 

All rental gear must be picked up the day prior to the trip and returned the day after, cleaned of all sand and debris (or a cleaning fee applies).

PLEASE NOTE: For sport diving, California law states that lobsters can only be taken by hand, no spears, hooks or and other devices are allowed, a minimum size and a maximum of 7 lobsters is permitted in your possession.  DFG may board the boat at any time, or be standing by at the dock to check.  Large fines apply to anyone breaking these rules.  You are responsible for knowing and following the law.  The dive boat and In2Deep take no responsibility for any illegal actions.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $275.00 which includes the fuel surcharge.