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Want to stay warm?  Want to extend your scuba diving season?  Then dive dry.  A dry suit seals you off from the water and keeps you comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water. There is incredible diving in the world’s cooler regions and in some areas, conditions are even better in colder months. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to expand your boundaries and dive more places, more often.
The first thing you’ll discover is which dry suit style and accompanying undergarments are right for you and the diving you’ll do. Then you’ll learn how to take care of your dry suit. During two local Southern California dives (or in Catalina)


  • Putting on and taking off (called donning and doffing) your dry suit with minimal assistance.
  • Mastering buoyancy control using your dry suit.
  • Dive safety procedures when using a dry suit.
  • Care for your dry suit

This course consists of a pool session and two open water dives and a small amount of reading in advance.


  • Required dive gear (owned or rented)
  • Dry Suit (rentals are available at 75.00 per day, under garments not included and not available for rent)
  • Dry Suit Under Garments
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN) Diving Insurance.  Click the link to purchase.  https://apps.dan.org/scuba-dive-insurance/?rc=2698450
  • Travel or boat tickets are additional

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